Friday, 20 April 2018

Thinning the herd

Since being made redundant at the end of 2017, I've had a leisurely existence which is nice for me but not so nice for my bank balance, so in order to pay for other things I'm doing this year I have had to offload a couple of pieces of camera equipment.
As I use my D810 and D500 for aviation I decided I can live without my D750. Likewise the 200-500 lens. I don't want to part with either but, as 'they' say Needs Must. That said, my D750's most recent and final outing was to Düsseldorf at the end of March.

D-AGEN | Boeing 737-75B | Germania | Düsseldorf | March 2018

OO-SCW | Airbus A340-313X | Eurowings | Düsseldorf | March 2018

Mentioning Düsseldorf, it's easy to do in a day from the UK (sadly not from Southampton, I had to go via Manchester) and has a cracking viewing terrace which, although you have to access via a security checkpoint, you can take liquids onto. Even better is the airport bus tour, which is a bargain at €12.50 each, as you get views like those above.

A couple of views from the terrace:

EI-DEO | Airbus A320 | Aer Lingus | Düsseldorf | March 2018

A6-EEW | Airbus A380 | Emirates | Düsseldorf | March 2018

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