Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Heathrow and my 300mm

I finally got to test my new-to-me Nikon 300mm AF-S f/2.8 prime lens at Heathrow during the first weekend of January. To say this is an absolute gem of a lens is an understatement - I love my Nikon 80-400mm zoom, which is by no means a bad lens at all and is extremely convenient for travelling, but when you look at the RAW files from each lens you can certainly see the difference with - as you'd expect - the prime winning hands down for sheer image quality. The images below are NOT sharpened. The 300mm was on my D500, which is a DX crop sensor, so the 450mm equivalent field of view was a bit small for Myrtle Avenue and the A30 near Cains Lane.
That was a piece of luck passing the camera shop that Saturday morning in November...

C-FRTG | Boeing 787-9 | Air Canada | London Heathrow | January 2018

B-KPB | Boeing 777-300(ER) | Cathay Pacific | London Heathrow | January 2018

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