Sunday, 17 February 2019


I had been using Flickr for a few years as it's easily shareable and you can directly link photos to Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites. However, Flickr were taken over by Smugmug (that's somewhat ironic and I'll get to that in a second) and are now asking that you pay up or you can't have more than 1000 photos on there.

As an existing Smugmug customer (that's the 'somewhat ironic' bit) I still have to pay separately for a Flickr account if I want to put more than 1000 photos on there and, as I pay quite a bit for my Smugmug account - as I have more than just the basic one - I've decided to let my Flickr account go and just put my pictures onto Smugmug. Yes, you lose the 'social' aspect of it in that you no longer have the interaction with others through likes, comments and followers but, frankly, the amount of likes you get is meaningless in the grand scheme of things and I quit worrying about things like that some time ago - especially as my ratio of likes to followers and views was rather pitiful, to say the least.

I don't object to paying and I would pay if I didn't already have the Smugmug account but I am not giving the same company two lots of money, especially when the 'free' sites include a lot of advertising.

Also, my most recent photos can now be seen on the home page 'slideshow'.

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